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MOTOR, Lot of 10 PORTESCAP / 26M048-822 (8566)

MOTOR, Lot of 10

PORTESCAP / 26M048-822

New est. priceCHF 240
EUR 250
USD 267
Buy now priceCHF 80.00
EUR 83.33
USD 88.89

Lot of 10 stack step motors, 26 mm diameter medium rotor diameter, 48 step/tour, Bipolar, RoHS, S 26M048 S9 B RoHS


Shipping cost estimation (CHF +/-30%)

Swiss European Neighbouring25--
North America--84
Central & South America--89
Russia & Central Asia46-82
North Africa - Middle East--80
Central & South Africa--84
East & South Asia - Australia--92

Economy shipping - Incoterms DAT - all taxes excluded. Insurance included. This is not a service offer. For some countries the service may not be available

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