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Provendum executes mandates of surplus equipment sale, new or in excellent conditions, on behalf of high tech companies located in Switzerland and having a quality system ensuring top-level maintenance and follow-up. [more ...]
Founded in 1999 by EMT to serve start-up companies needing quickly reliable high-tech equipment and willing to limit their capital equipment investment.Several entrepreneurs were able since to start without losing at start the company control. Also, promising projects were able to be explored by start-up, small and medium companies, without hesitating or getting into unnecessary debt. [... reduce]


Items are consigned to Provendum SA, tested and exposed at Lausanne or surfaces made available by the owner company, in order to offer to the customers purchasing conditions comparable to the new in terms of transparency, reliability and flexibility, without artificially creating the urgency to buy. [more ...]
The price desired by the owner and / or advised by Provendum, the estimated new price and other information are posted on the web to enable customers an informed assessment. The exhibition visit is highly recommended. Virtual visit can be organized on request. Equipment test opportunities are made available there. [... reduce]


This website is basically a catalog online of what we have in our exhibitions and depots. It is minimalist and provides an acceptable experience on portable device. It has been designed respecting your privacy, time, attention and media resources. [more ...]
  • RESPECT FOR YOUR PRIVACY: we do not use cookies or any other mean to identify you longer than the visiting session
  • RESPECT FOR YOUR TIME: you can visualize more of 100 products in less than one second even with low communication band
  • RESPECT FOR YOUR ATTENTION EFFORT: we minimized texts to read and links to click to find out the product you look for and we do not resell promotional space, i.e. your attention,
  • RESPECT FOR YOUR DEVICE RESOURCES: we minimize screen resources and we do not execute on your machine any power consuming script
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