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FLOWMETER FMC INVALCO / WSP5-X-0750 64920920 (70545)


FMC INVALCO / WSP5-X-0750 64920920

New est. priceCHF 3000
EUR 2727
USD 3000
Buy now priceCHF 840
EUR 764
USD 840

Turbine meter (internal ¾”) equipped with magnetic pickup for pharmaceutical food and beverage applications (3-A San Std 28-03). Mirror electropolished (Ra < 0.6) stainless steel 316L body and super passivated rotor (Rulon® 641 bearings). Tri-Clamp 1” ½ end connections. Measure range: 1.5-15 Gallons per minute, linearity ±0.5%, repeatability ±0.05%. Response Time 2-5 milliseconds for step change. Temp -40°C to 109°C. Magnetic pickup output 100 Hz to 1,000 Hz square signal. Supply voltage: +4.5 to 28 VDC. Used with sterile physiological liquids.


Shipping cost estimation (CHF +/-30%)

Swiss European Neighbouring25--
North America--84
Central & South America--89
Russia & Central Asia46-82
North Africa - Middle East--80
Central & South Africa--84
East & South Asia - Australia--92

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